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  1. Hello, we may be kindred spirits! Your website looks great. We’re very interested in using digital technology to advance people’s connection to classical music. Would you be interested to review our iPhone app, Classical Ear? You can read more about it at Please let me know if you get this message as it would be good to be in touch in any case.

    Best wishes,

    Emily DeVoto
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  2. Hello Ramzi,
    We enjoyed your blog regarding the Vienna opera house standing room only and we have a question maybe you could answer. We will be in Vienna on Wednesday April 8th and would like to see the opera scheduled for that day. Do you advise arriving 3 hours in advance or do you have any special advice? Thank you for your help!

    • hello Laura

      thanx for your interest in !
      The 8 April is a Wednesday and the performance will be Wagner’s PARSIFAL. It’s a very long opera (more than 5 hours). I don’t think there will be too many people. It will start at 17 pm. I recommend you to be here at 2H30 pm ! Let me know how great this performance will be 🙂 !

  3. HelloMr. SAIDANI; I came to your post looking for some information about the Stehtplatz tickets in the Viena opera. I booked last September via internet (I live in Madrid) a seat for the Tosca premiere of this season, but three weeks ago I have been given the unpleasant surprise that, inexplicably, the office sales ticket didn´t find my number reservation. As you can imagine, I am outraged and dissapointed but with the comfort that I still have the chance to assist with those stheplatz ticket.
    As you say in your post that you know the rules for lining to get the tickets, could you be so kind to tell me if, in the case that the line starts as soon as early in the morning, people have to stay for 10 or more continuous hours in the líne? I am 71 years old and I don´t think I can withstand so many hours standing.
    Congratulations for your blog.
    Many thanks in advance
    Conchita Ormaechea

    • Bonjour Madam ORMAECHEA

      I understand your desappointment regarding your booking. Thanx you for your nice congratulations regarding the blog! I’m happy that I can help people to have a better opera experience :). Regarding the standing tickets, I’ve experienced that the line is always more crowdy when it is a premiere.

      Here are some tips.
      You don’t have to wait all the day. (1) You should try to arrive early 8 AM for instance, (2) once in the stehplätze area, you put a bag, or a little folding seat along the opera side where the entrance for stehplätze is located, (3) you discuss to those regulars (often Austrians or opera nuts). That will help you to be identified as a person having come early.

      (4)You should not have to stay 10 or more continuous hours in the line. You are allowed by the other people waiting to leave the line regularly. (5)You can go and visit some cafés or restaurants around the Opera and have a rest. (6) Still, note that you should come back in the line 3 or 4 hours before the beginning of the performance (ask to those regular earlybirds). At this moment, the controller will let lining people come inside the operahouse. Once people have come inside, you will not be allowed to pretend to you position in the line.

      Hope you will have a chance to get a good ticket !

      Let me know



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