enjoy a live broadcast of Vienna State Opera at absolutely no cost!

Dear visitors and opera fans !

As I wrote it in a older post, Vienna State opera (Wiener Staatsoper) launched its live broadcasts in October 2013. At the end of this setup season and after a dozen successful transmissions around the world, Vienna State opera presented its programme for the season 2014/2015 with 45 live broadcasts from its broad repertoire of opera and ballet productions, in full HD and perfect sound quality and with many additional features.


We would very much like to invite you as opera lovers and visitors of Opera-Digital.com to try this new offer for free. It’s very simple. Please write an email to office@staatsoperlive.com, or visit the www.staatsoperlive.com, the operlive team will send you a voucher code to one of the upcoming broadcasts – The cunning little vixen by Janaceks on June 30 2014. Only 50 lucky few will get the voucher offered by the partner (Casinos Austria)!

The cunning Little Wixen-Vienna State Opera

The cunning Little Wixen-Vienna State Opera

Opera enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy live opera and ballet in the privacy and comfort of their own homes – due to a timeshift playout at their respective prime times. Opera lovers can also switch between two live channels: a total view of the stage, or closeups and moving cams in a live cut opera film. You can also read along subtitles and  “self page-turning” scores – and transform your living room into your private opera box for the family and friends.

Do not wait and get your voucher code, visit the www.staatsoperlive.com and enjoy a broadcast of your choice at absolutely no cost ! I hope you’ll appreciate !

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