A summer Opera Festivals battle between Aix and Salzburg

Sea, Sex and Sun tells a very famous song by the French Songwriter and singer Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Have a look to this video if you don’t know this hit which was also translated and sung in English.

Summer opera festivals : High C, sex and sun

An operatic version of this hit could be high C, Sex and sun :).This year all around Europe, the weather is hot!  Most famous summer opera festivals such as Glynebourne, Bregenz, Aix-en-Provence, Verone, Orange or Salzburg have started their summer season and have offered to an evergrowing audience all those famous stories where love, sex, jealousy and ambition play a leading part .

I used to be a festival-goer a few years ago! Now our 2-year-old kid is here and I and my wife will have to wait a little bit of time to bring him to a summer opera festival. Meanwhile my resuming, I prepare him to that “day” where he will attend his first Summer opera festival. To do so, I have been making him listen to Papageno and the Queen of the Night, Figaro and Leporello.

A kid listening to Papageno

A kid listening to Papageno

That is not all. I also offset my former opera summer marathon by reading reviews and press releases.

Summer opera festivals : facts and figures also matter

Another way to find lyric refreshment is for me (occupational hazard I guess as I’m a opera-nut but also a digital marketer and strategist, sorry 🙂 to pay also attention to KPI (acronyms standing for key performing indicators) of my favorite opera houses and festivals. Indeed like music, economics also has its keys 🙂 . The lyric music as all other performing arts is put more and more under pressure to be less dependent on public grants and aids. Behind the emotion and the catharsis, there are also budget constraints and strategies. I have already made a festival comparison 4 years ago between two of my favorite Summer opera festivals : Salzburg festival and Aix-en-Provence festival. That’s why I wanted to update this for 2016 ! Of course 2017 figures and indicators are not available as there respective seasons are underway.

A summer opera festivals battle between Aix and Salzburg

Salzburg and Aix-en-Provence festivalsLe Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (as it is said in French language) and der Salzburger Festspiele (as it is said in German language) are two major summer opera festivals in Europe !! Aix is exclusively dedicated to opera and music while Salzburg Festival gives a large part of its season to theatre and plays (27 % of the seating capacity is dedicated to theatre plays). I hope you will find this summer opera festival comparison relevant and useful ! I let you draw your own conclusion of this little battle 🙂

Summer opera festivals battle : Salzburg vs Aix 2016

Summer opera festivals battle : Salzburg vs Aix 2016

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