Opera singers on facebook : who has the largest fan community ?

Opera singers on facebook

There are a lot of musicians using actively social networks and specially facebook (see for example the two interviews given to opera-digital.com by the French conductor Alain Altinoglu and the rising pianist star Emmanuel Despax. Within classical musician they are more and more opera singers on facebook!
French version of the post This post about opera singers on facebook is available on the french version of opera-digital.com clicking here :
More and more opera singers on Facebook

More and more opera singers on Facebook

Opera singers on facebook, Tenor, soprano, baritones…who leads ?

So, so, amidst the worldwide best opera singers with the most who lead ? Who is the tenor, the soprano or the baritone who can boast of having the largest community of Facebook fans? Find out through the small quiz available below 🙂

As you can see it, regarding opera singers on facebook, the ranking is not the one we could anticipate. Some first positions can be surprising !
If the quiz opera singers on Facebook does not display properly, you can find it by clicking the following link: quiz about opera singers on Facebook

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About Ramzi SAIDANI

Ramzi SAIDANI is fond of classical music (abooove all opera) and new technologies. He particularly likes digital, the web, Puccini, Massenet, Domingo, Alagna, Netrebko & Gruberova (Grubi for the closest friends :). He has been working as digital marketer and strategy consultant for 15 years. He has funded Lanoramax a consulting company focused on cultural industries that helps the start-ups (of which Sonic Solveig) and the incumbent musical institutions to achieve their digital transformation and strategies. He has created and animated the Meet-up Music and Digital (#MusikNum) in the CentQuatre Paris since septembre 2016. Ramzi is a also a tenor. He has studied lyric singing with Pierre VANHOENACKERE in Tourcoing Conservatory and Robert Expert and Sonia Morgavi in Bobigny. He is also president of the Association Cavatine et Rondo (dedicated to lyrical music promotion) and he wrote a book of short stories ”Nouvelles Russes”, in which of course music play a major role :)

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